Balanced Lenses

Hi Again,

I wanted to offer a few notes on Dr. Shaw’s presentation. I’m not alone in being a little excited to hear him review his lens design tool.

What I often call ‘balanced’ lenses from, are more correctly described as iseikonic and isophoric. Dr. Peter Shaw will give you a much more suitably detailed description of what advanced lens designs can offer your practice and your patients. Suffice it to say that modern spectacle lens engineering and pairing is fast becoming a core element in general and rehabilitative practice.

From this clinician’s perspective, the options provided by ShawLens are as relevant in clinic as are progressives. Balanced lens design and implementation

  • extends our reach in prescribing difficult Rx’s
  • enhances comfort, clarity, range of movement
  • reduces multiple causes of asthenopia
  • enhances binocular image symmetry
  • reduces angle of strabismus and POTS (often)

Here are a couple of recent cases:

  • 55yocm – 20/25+2 OD/OS
    • -3.75 – 4.75 x 004, +2.50
    • -6.25 – 4.75 x 155, +2.50
  • 17yocf –   20/20 OD/OS
    • +4.00 – 5.50 x 007
    • +3.00 – 5.00 x167

In both cases, previous Rx’s reduced cyl by using the tried and true spherical equivalent. In both cases, the new designs provided unexpected comfort, clarity, and appreciation of space.

We are excited to have Dr. Shaw join us and describe how can extend our therapeutic reach.

Dr. B