CVE2015 Schedule

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CVE 2015 Schedule – Download PDF

Saturday September 19, 2015

0900 – 0930

Dr. Boulet / Dr. Luk

Introduction, Brief Chat Re: Goals, Housekeeping
0930 – 1045

Dr. Sauvé

Intense, practical, in-depth review of clinical visual neurology. Emphasis on CNS control of extra-ocular muscles (EOM) in vestibular-ocular and optokinetic reflexes.
1045-1100 Break

Dr. Press

Visual as medical: A review of common misconstructions of visual impediments as medical problems
1300-1415 Lunch

Dr. Luk

A brief survey of the status of optometry-based functional vision rehabilitation in Alberta and Canada.

Dr. Baxstrom

Vision Therapy with a Vestibular Twist
1645-1700 Break

Dr. Boulet

GeoBee! – Introduction to the science and application of this new vision and motor skills training app, from VisionMechanic, Inc.

Sunday September 20, 2015

0845 – 0900

Dr. Boulet / Dr. Luk

0900 – 1015

Dr. Shaw – The science and application of iseikonic / isophoric lens designs in visual rehabilitation.
1015-1030 Break

Dr. Baxstrom

Looking at the ends of the strabismus spectrum: Infantile esotropia and Pareses/Palsy of EOM
1230-1400 Lunch

Dr. Boulet

Visual impediments to learning and development in First Nations communities in Southern Alberta – by the numbers.

Dr. Press

Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy: VT for Visual Impediments to Learning and Development
1630-1645 Break

Dr. Boulet / Dr. Luk

Open Discussion – goal setting for next year, for advocacy and education in Canada. Any interest in