Dr. Debbie Luk

Status of Vision Rehabilitation in Canada

We will discuss the status of functional vision evaluation and vision rehabilitation access for patients in Canada. Points to be considered include:

  • Services Children’s Hospital Ophthalmological unit provides
  • Relationship between visual abilities and pscyho-educational testing results
  • Healthcare and insurance coverage for vision therapy
  • Advocacy for mandatory children eye examinations
  • Is there a need for a national organization for coordinated advocacy, education and research?
  • Status of research on or about vision rehabilitation.

There are no handouts or files for this session. It is our sincere hope that we can engage our colleagues in a frank, energetic, and open discussion around the great need for expanded support for vision management and rehabilitation. This lack of support also means lost opportunities and escalating costs in many sectors of our social economy. These are to be discussed in addition to a survey of current supports and services in Canada. Does a CVRF have a role? What is CVRF you ask…?