Dr. Peter Shaw

  • Clinical optometrist for over 30 years in Toronto Canada.
  • Chief of Low Vision, The Vision Institute of Canada
  • Founder of the Scarborough Low Vision Centre.
  • Adjunct Associate Research Professor University of Waterloo
  • Area of Research Amplyopia
  • Area of specialty: Binocular Ophthalmic Optics
  • Chief Scientists and founder at Shaw Lens
  • Inventor of an improved Spectacle Lens Design Method 


So what does this have to do with behavioral optometry? Well, lots, and I love to talk about it. Send me your questions in advance of CVE2015!

Read:Binocular parameters in spectacle correction of anisometropic amblyopia.


Presentation Content.
  • How I see binocular vision ,
  • Two pillars: sensory fusion and motor fusion
  • Static aniseikonia: presents and obstacle to sensory fusion
  • Dynamic aniseikonia; presents an obstacle to motor fusion
 Poorly or randomly (lab) designed lenses may be creating optical aniseikonia and optical anisophoria
  • iseikonic/Isophoric spectacle lenses create the foundation upon which the two pillars can stand upright.
  • Iseikonic vs Isogonal, an isogonal lens system has the iseikonic prescription at 0% static. An iseikonic Rx is whatever it is that eliminates static aniseikonia. Contact lenses are isogonal.
Determination of the iseikonic Rx from history and clinical findings without a space eikonometer.
  • Automated ophthalmic lens design software,
Application in the real world
  • The robust binocular vision patient, fused in all gaze positions and distances , stereo acuity exceeds 20″, no suppression, absence of amblyopia, fast vergence facility and adequate amplitudes . With eyeglasses on.
  • The fragile binocular vision patient hallmarks include: suppression scotoma, stereopsis less than 20″, reduced visual acuity, discomfort, fixation disparity in non centered or centered gaze, non-concomitancy etc.
  • Lens design by diagnosis
Case Studies
  • Amblyopia
  • Anisometropia secondary to cataract/surgery or refractive surgery
  • Maculopathy
  • Scleral Buckle
  • Additional Business Notes for Clinical Practice