Visual Neurology

Science Matters, Biology Matters

There’s a reason we’re starting the program with a review of visual neurology, and that is the fact that in the end what we do in diagnosis and treatment must be rooted in the reality of our physical makeup. Anything else is amusement or charlatanism. It’s only when we understand the machine can we know what we can do with it, and how to raise it from a state of disrepair. So, we begin with a discussion of the machine in question: The neurology and neurophysiology of the human visual system.

We are pleased and honoured to have the most excellent Dr. Yves Sauvé set the course for us in a review of core concepts in the neurophysiology of eyes and vision. We have selected topics to be especially relevant to those working in vision and vestibular rehabilitation domains.

Dr. Sauvé is generously volunteering his time from his retinal physiology research laboratory at the University of Alberta to present to CVE2015. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Dr. Boulet & Dr. Luk